Welcome To My Site!

Hello everyone and welcome to my website!

My name is Bridget Tolle, and this is my author website.  I’ll be putting all my author-y stuff on here. I’ll let everyone know when and where I’ll be doing events, when my books are coming out, and other facts of life.

If you didn’t know, my debut novel is called Elemental Kidnapping, book one in the Elemental Kingdoms trilogy. The short version: It’s about four princesses from different elemental kingdoms who get kidnapped and them working together to escape. For what the back of the book says, you can click the book tab.

I’m currently scheduled to visit a couple of schools (you can see which ones and the dates on the events tab). If you would like me to come visit, give me a tweet or an email!

When there’s something interesting I’ll be sure to post it for all of you! For now, keep your dreams alive! (Oh, and don’t forget to tell all your friends, enemies, and frenemies about Elemental Kidnapping!)


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