Visiting Durant

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit a school I used to attend, as well as a revamped library I used to visit all the time.

And boy, was I wiped out afterwards.

But it was actually one of the most fun days I’ve had.

I was pretty nervous before I started speaking with over 200 sixth graders at Durant Intermediate School; however, once I got going I was having so much fun.  I had the students act out parts of my book while I read. They were great volunteers, and it made me joyous to see how into the characters they were. They were having as much fun as I was!

After that we had a Q & A session (which may have run a little long, my bad) where the students were so full with questions. I found out later that some of them were studying where a writer’s inspiration comes from. Then I knew why some of those hard questions were asked!

The students at DIS were very well behaved and a captive audience (which I appreciate as it was my first time speaking in front of students!). The teachers were also very excited to see me. I’m pretty sure they were more excited than the students, and the students seemed pretty excited themselves!

After my visit to DIS my parents and I rushed over to the Donald W Reynolds library. We quickly prepared my table before it was time to start.

Many friends of my family showed up (as well as my grandparents; thanks for your support!) throughout the two hours I was there. The library book signing sold nearly as many books as the school event, which made it a terrific day! A couple of the students from DIS appeared at the library, so that was nice, too.

Since we expected many familiar faces it was a very nice surprise to have a couple of unfamiliar faces buy my book as well. I was really excited when someone I didn’t know bought the book when they really didn’t know me at all until yesterday.

The library selected a great spot for me to sell my books and were very gracious to have let me invade their space for a couple of hours. Thank you! (Check them out if you’re nearby; they have a large collection of books.)

I’m hoping that maybe I’ll be able to revisit Durant when book two comes out! Thank you to everyone who bought the book! If you have a question I may not have gotten to or have any questions about writing, don’t be afraid to contact me.

If you would like me to come visit your school, library, or store, feel free to send me an email as well.

I enjoyed visiting DIS and Donald W Reynolds library and look forward to visiting more places! I’ll be posting pictures of my visits, hopefully later today. If not, they may be up tomorrow.


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