It’s finally out!

Well people of planet Earth (if you’re alien, that’s cool, too), the day you’ve all been waiting for has finally come. It’s finally the big day!

For those of you who don’t know, today is the day my book is officially released! Exciting, right? Ironically it’s on the Ides of March, which is not scary at all. Nope. Not one bit.

I’ve also recently acquired a Facebook, so you guys should check that out! I’ll be posting more things soon.

Last Friday I also visited Heavener, OK. I lived there for five years and went to school for two. I’m doing a little tour of all the places I’ve actualcoverlived. It’s not in order because the schools were available different days, but it’s almost in backwards order! However, my current town is thrown in the middle of it all. Otherwise it would work!

It was an interesting visit considering it was my first time to speak with grade 7-12. So that was a learning experience. However, I did enjoy my time there and plan to use my gained knowledge at future visits. A couple students remembered me, so that was a little exciting!

In other news, I am over halfway through writing book two in the Elemental Kingdoms trilogy. I’ve worked on it a little more today and yesterday. I’m excited for you guys to read it in the future! It may be a while because I plan to do more thorough rounds of editing. But that just means it will be even better!

So let’s celebrate, everyone! Book one is officially out, book two is on its way, and I’m getting my name out there even more!

If you want to get a copy of Elemental Kidnapping (I don’t know why you wouldn’t!) all the links to buying it are here. Happy reading!


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