Elemental Allies Revision: Round 1 Complete!

I’m proud to report that the first round of Elemental Allies revision is complete.

Round 1 (as I like to call it) consisted of grammatical issues, scene rewrites, descriptions, and any plot holes that may have emerged. (Believe it or not, I have a tendency to add description in later because I want to move on with the story when I’m writing.)

Early this morning I printed out about half of my book to work on this week. This printed copy will be Round 2. Now, Round 2 will focus on different parts of my book. I’m going tSnapchat-984329019[1]o check for consistency of scenes and the Elemental Kingdoms world. With it being printed, I’ll also have the chance to separate the papers into groups. With the first book I had stacks about mind reading, the timeline, and major plot holes to name a few. I’m already planning to have a timeline stack as well as the scenes I had to rewrite (I don’t know if telling you will give too much away). This will help with consistency.

After Round 2, I’ll send it off to a couple people for feedback. I also hope to read it out loud. So, this is only the beginning of revision, but completing Round 1 means I can move on to the other rounds. Hopefully, they won’t take quite as long because the book will be getting better and thus easier to read.

Once all this revision is finally done, I’ll be able to send it to publishers. (If you don’t remember, my publishing company went under. Read more about my plans regarding that, if you’d like.)

I know this book seems like it’s taking a while to even get to a publisher, but that’s just how it is. Authors have to comb through books several times in order for it to become something much better than where it started. And trust me, you don’t want to see what it looked like before all this revision.

Hopefully I’ll finish the revision by the end of the summer: that’s my goal. The sooner it gets done, the sooner it can get to you. Thanks for all your support and keep your dreams alive! You just have to keep moving forward to do that. (Anyone recognize that Meet the Robinsons reference?)


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